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7 PACs that Support Latina Candidates

As campaign season approaches, you might hear buzz around endorsements and donations from political action committees (PACs). But what exactly is a PAC, and should it be on your radar for your campaign aspirations? 


In simple terms, a PAC stands for Political Action Committee, an entity formed to pool funds from individuals in support of candidates or causes. A PAC can be critical to the success of a campaign, especially for first-time candidates or candidates who may not have access to a large political network. 


PACs provide financial backing, resources, and advocacy that can grant Latina candidates access to essential donors, volunteers, and mentors crucial for a successful campaign journey. For these reasons, we want to encourage aspiring Latina candidates to research PACs that align with their own campaign goals and values.  


To kickstart your exploration of which PACs to connect with and apply to, we’ve compiled a list of 7 PACs dedicated to uplifting Latina candidates. Discover the list below, and explore each PAC’s website to learn more about their endorsement process and requirements. 


  • PODER PAC: PODER PAC is a political action committee founded by and for Latinas to elect pro-choice Latinas to Congress. PODER provides resources and support to Latina candidates running for federal offices who have demonstrated a commitment to the Latino community. 

  • Latino Victory Fund: The Latino Victory Fund is committed to increasing Latino representation in government to be commensurate with Latino population growth. To that end, the Latino Victory Fund supports progressive Latinx candidates at every office level to build a more reflective government.


  • Higher Heights for America PAC: Higher Heights for America PAC is a political action committee providing Black women with a political home exclusively dedicated to harnessing their power. They aim to advance progressive policies and expand Black women’s civic engagement from elected representation to voting participation.

  • Latina Civic PAC: Latinas Civic PAC is a non-partisan political action committee whose mission is to increase the number of Latinas in elected and appointed office in the State of New Jersey. This committee supports progressive Latina candidates who are committed to advancing a policy agenda that prioritizes women’s economic, social, and emotional welfare while also prioritizing the expansion of educational opportunities for all.

  • New American Leaders Action Fund: The New American Leaders Action Fund (NALAF) is committed to increasing New American representation at all levels of our democracy. NALAF supports candidates grounded in community who want to create an inclusive and welcoming country for New Americans and who want to create a healthy democracy for all.

  • Latinas Lead California: Latinas Lead California is the first and only non-partisan political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of Latinas in elected office, appointments, and other prominent leadership positions in California.


  • BOLD PAC: BOLD PAC is the campaign arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus dedicated to increasing the diversity of Latino leadership in the U.S. House and Senate. They are committed to ensuring that progressive Latino, especially Latina, candidates have the resources they need to run and win.


Now that you know more about PACs and some of the PACs that are actively working to help elect more Latinas, we urge you to research state-specific and party-specific PACs that can help you with your campaign. Endorsement processes, applications, and requirements differ, so we encourage you to always research each PAC closely and seek out support from those that align with your campaign goals and values.


Note: Latinas Represent and its fiscal sponsor Moore Philanthropy do not endorse candidates for public office. This blog post is for educational purposes only.