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Will you join Latinas Represent in our efforts to create a more reflective democracy?
We’re ready to support you at different levels:

Individual Impact

We provide direct support to help you step into your political power.

Organizational Impact

We strengthen the system to adapt to Latinas’ unique needs and be more inclusive.

Systemic Impact

We use data to better understand Latinas’ needs and what strategies work best to get more Latinas in public service.

Run for Office

Learn more about open positions you can run for in your community.

Join us in creating a more reflective democracy! Latinas Represent invites you to submit your information below to see what positions you can run for in your community. Latinas make up 9.3% of the US population but only 3% of elected officeholders in state and federal offices across the country. This is why we need you to step into your political power.

Once you find what office you want to run for, click "I Want to Run." Providing more information about yourself will help us connect you with resources and information that can assist you in your political journey!

Our Community is Transformational

When you participate in Latinas Represent programming - by attending an event, reading and sharing our research, following us on social media, subscribing to our newsletter, even just visiting this website - you can expect to be part of a supportive community by and for Latinas. Specifically, you will:

Envision a New Political Landscape

See more positive images of Latinas in public service.

Receive Training

Attend trainings and gain skills to step into their power.

Get Support

Have a community of Latinas who support each other on their political journey.

Join a Community

Access partner programs that are focused on women broadly and are now more inclusive of Latina experiences.

Learn More

Know more about the state of Latinas in politics in the U.S.

Reach Their Goals

Transform communities through public service.

Join Our Network

Are you a current or former elected official, political strategist or organization that wants to see more Latina representation in public service? Consider becoming partner to help us prepare the next generation of Latina leaders. Sign up below to learn more about potential partnership opportunities.

Event Library

Latinas Represent Summit

Saturday, October 9, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the Latinas Represent Summit! You can still join us by watching the event panels and getting energized, connected, and empowered to get more and more diverse Latinas in elected office. Come change the political landscape with us!

Support our Work

Latinas Represent is increasing the number and diversity of Latinas in public service. Together, we will transform our communities and build a more reflective democracy. But we cannot do it without you. Donate today to support our mission.