Notes from the Field

Watch ‘Running with My Girls’ Today!

We are thrilled to announce a special partnership between Latinas Represent and World Channel for a special screening of the powerful documentary, “Running with My Girls,” AND an exclusive conversation with the amazing filmmaker and the incredible Latinas featured in the film!

Watch the film for free and check out a recording of our insightful discussion with the Rebekah Henderson (filmmaker) and the incredible Latinas featured in the film: Dr. Lisa Calderón, Candi CdeBaca, and Veronica Barela. During our conversation you’ll learn more about their activism, expereinces, and the powerful ripple effects of grassroots movements in our communities. Get ready to be inspired!

Film Synopsis:

In “Running with My Girls,” viewers are invited into the heart of a community tired of being overlooked by local governments. Frustrated by the disregard for their interests, and inspired by their friend’s campaign, four courageous women –Dr. Lisa Calderón, Candi CdeBaca, Shayla Richard, and Veronica Barela – make the decision to run as a cohort. With only a fraction of the funds of their incumbent opponents, the women tirelessly knock on doors, make calls, and rely on each other to power their grassroots campaigns. Using an intimate and unfiltered style to tell each candidate’s story, filmmaker Rebekah Henderson honestly portrays the challenges faced by political outsiders, particularly women of color, while also revealing their tenacious commitment to justice and democracy.It is a story of resilience, community engagement, and the pursuit of a new kind of political power that transcends barriers.

Latinas Represent and World Channel are proud to present this special screening as part of our commitment to amplifying diverse voices and stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Join us as we celebrate the strength and determination of these remarkable women and explore the transformative power of grassroots activism. Together, let’s ignite change and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future for all.