Notes from the Field

Behind the Scenes: My Journey on the Esperanza United Policy Advisory Council

By: Stephanie Lopez

As the Executive Director of Latinas Represent, I’ve dedicated my career to amplifying the voices of Latinas in all spheres of society. And guess what? I’m thrilled to let you in on a little secret – I’m also part of something truly special: Esperanza United’s Policy Advisory Council.

Esperanza United isn’t just any organization; it’s a powerhouse dedicated to rallying Latinas and Latin@ communities to take a stand against gender-based violence. You can probably imagine why being part of this mission lights a fire in my soul.

See, Esperanza United gets it. They understand the unique struggles faced by Latinas and other purposefully marginalized communities when it comes to seeking support and resources after trauma. My experience on the Policy Advisory Council has been nothing short of enlightening.

Picture this: a group of dedicated individuals, all huddled together, brainstorming ways to tear down barriers and fight for policies that truly serve survivors. That’s us, diving headfirst into discussions and analyses of policies related to sexual assault and gender-based violence. It’s intense, it’s empowering, and it’s making a real difference.

But here’s the best part – it’s not just talk. It’s action. Whether we’re advocating for more funding for survivor support services or pushing for trauma-informed policies in institutions, every step forward brings us closer to a more supportive and just society.

And our partnership with Esperanza United, also means bringing much-needed conversations around advocacy to you. Remember our “Latina Voices Against Domestic Violence” panel last November? It was a game-changer. Hearing firsthand accounts of resilience and community strength left us all feeling inspired and ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

Consider this your exclusive look into the inner workings of the Policy Advisory Council. Together, let’s continue pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and empowering survivors to thrive. Because, with unity and dedication, we can create lasting change.